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Corporations and small business owners face their own set of challenges and opportunities. We offer a coaching program tailored specifically to meet your needs. Through a mix of business consulting and executive coaching, our proven strategies will help you to achieve practical and measurable results. 

Our core focus is assisting executives and leaders in creating transformational leaders who are equipped to maximize their human capacity in workplace and their spheres of influence.


Our personalized approach to coaching, combined with more than 20 years of business consulting and advising experience, sets us apart from other companies. Together you will create a vision for where you want to be in business and in life, then develop specific plans to get you there and further develop your leadership skills along the way.


We have learned that under the direction of the Mentor, the learner is given immediate access to valuable insights and past experiences. Through our mentoring relationships, individuals are learning by applying in real-time what they are learning

Our dynamic mentoring program is a cost-effective solution for getting you up to speed and engaged!



Who needs wellness and holistic coaching? Everyone -- no matter their current health status, has the desire to feel happy with their body, to have the energy, and to enjoy an overall feeling of well-being and happiness in every area of their life. Having a partner on the journey to being healthy and well can provide a system of support where needed.

Dedicated Life Strategist and Coaches whose only purpose is to coach you to SUCCESS! In-depth diagnostic personal and professional assessments. Personalized goal-oriented Development Plans. Development of high performance leadership teams.



what leaders are saying

" People ask me, what was she like? She wasn’t like anybody.  Really…which is unusual and refreshing. Generally, the new voices you hear now are a cheap carbon copy of a great original. She’s not like that at all. She’s got her own style, she’s got her own methodology, but boy...powerful... she wasn’t like anybody. And I think that the take away from this is to be yourself. She wasn’t afraid. She wasn’t intimidated. She was secure, and she had the boldness and the courage that it took to be your own person. And everybody doesn’t have that. I think that she really blessed the women in a fresh and powerful way." 

Bishop T. D. Jakes

Dr. Cindy Trimm brings a broad preparation of life to assist any leader as their coach. Known internationally for her business, educational, political and spiritual prowess, Dr. Trimm is a gift to those who want to unwrap and partake of the gift within. It is my honor to recommend Dr. Cindy Trimm to you as your coach.

Dr. Samuel R. Chand

"Dr. Trimm gave me tools for a no nonsense approach to repair, rebuild, and refine my life by simplifying, clarifying, and otherwise dissecting the major issues faced by leaders like myself. As a result of exploring and understanding my innermost drives, I awakened hidden talents that have launched me on a journey of spiritual, relational, financial, and emotional growth." Dr. B. Dillon

Dr. B. Dillon, DDS.
Gentle Family Dentistry

"Cindy Trimm leads you into the most in-depth understanding of WHY and HOW to win the wars around you." Dr. Chuck Pierce

Dr. Chuck Pierce
“Through the Executive Life Coaching Institute, Dr. Trimm has given me the tools and strategies to make my company a world class leader in the industry.”
Dr. L. Johnson, MD.
Just for You Women Center

"I highly commend Cindy Trimm for this vital contribution to the world of faith, and I hope millions will benefit from its time-tested eternal truths."

Dr. Myles Munroe
“Dr. Cindy Trimm personifies and in may ways surpasses one of my favorite quotes from Mark Twain, “Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.” Her passion, expertise, talent, experience, and skill in coaching and equipping individuals to discover purpose and maximize potential are unparalleled. She has developed a life coaching program to enable individuals seeking self improvement, excellence, and success to attain that and so much more in their lives. I rate this as one of the best investments I have ever made in my personal growth and success. I gained tangible returns and countless benefits both personally and professionally through Dr. Trimm’s coaching.
Keisha M. Durham, Esq.
Barrister of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

President of the British Virgin Islands Bar Association

"I believe your innovative, practical, and compassionate approach to the world of problems we face has established you as a true child of God and a friend to mankind...I thank you again for this selfless service you continue to provide on shores a great distance from your island home."

The Honorable Paula Ann Cox, JP, MP
Premier of Bermuda

"Dr. Cindy Trimm is a profound and prolific communicator of truth."

Bishop TD Jakes



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